1. How do I place an order through Shopify?
  1. Log on to SAFE Health Shopify (https://store.safehealth.me/)
  2. Create a Shopify account
  3. Complete required information (Name, Address, Email, etc.)
  4. Search for desired item(s)
  5. Select the quantity of item(s)
  6. Apply any applicable discounts
  7. Add shipping information
  8. Select shipping preference
  9. Complete payment information
  10. Click submit
2. What if I need to correct an error on my order?

You can send an email to support@safehealth.me or call Customer Support at 844-863-9591. Keep your Shopify order number that was sent in your confirmation email. A representative will contact you via phone or email if necessary to make corrections to your order.

3. What if there was a problem with my payment?

Your order will not ship unless we are able to successfully process your payment. If you need to modify your payment details, please call Customer Support at 844-863-9591 or reach out to sales support team at sales@safehealth.me.

4. What if I want a refund?

All sales are FINAL.

5. Can I call to place an order instead of creating an account online?

Yes, you can call Customer Support at 844-863-9591 to place an order over the phone.

6. If my item was damaged upon delivery, what do I do?
  1. Capture a screenshot of the damaged product.
  2. Send the screenshot to support@safehealth.me along with Order Number and description of damaged to the product.

Note: Replacement will only be provided damaged kits, not to the damaged external boxes.  

7. How do I get help if I am having problems tracking my order?

Please call Customer Support at 844-863-9591 to get help with tracking your order.

8. How much time will it take to get a refund if my order is in processing and it got canceled?

It takes 7 - 10 business days to process the refund after the user has spoken to Customer Support requesting for refund. Please call Customer Support at 844-863-9591 to speak to the customer support team.

Note: Refunds will only be offered for orders canceled within 60 minutes of when the order was placed. The customer needs to contact a SAFE Health Representative to complete the order cancellation.